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Ricardo Sweatt Rodriguez, Owner

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Ricardo has studied art in 14 cities across China and speaks Mandarin. He is also a guitarist and occasionally performs locally & internationally. His passion for rare books began in 1990 after being introduced to the field by his former highschool English teacher, and previous Out-of-Print Bookstore owner, Donald James Ryberg.

The Out-of-Print Bookstore was founded in 1977 by Arvena Flury and was sold to Jim Ryberg, her store manager & book buyer, in 1985. Jim Ryberg retired in 2003 and remained our consultant in fine acquisitions. Jim passed away on February 10th, 2010. His presence will always be with us.
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"The book is awesome!  We are very pleased. Thank you Ricardo! You are the best. If I ever need an out of print book or anyone I know does, you will be the first person we contact!" 
~ Kim K., Olympia, WA 

"Dear Ricardo - Just letting you know that the books arrived today and they are in good condition :) :)  Thank-you, thank-you, you are a gem!" 
~ Anja T., Kilsyth AUS 

"The 'Practical Cookery' book arrived in very good shape - even gift-wrapped! Not quite the same as my old one, but a very good book that I shall be pleased to have.  Thank you for your attention to this order."
~ Eloise L., Benton, AR

"Good evening! That magnificent book arrived safely today, and I just wanted to thank you again for working with me!  We'll do more business in the future.  Thanks again." 
~ Pete N., Pensacola, FL

"Got 'Granfra Grigg' today and so happy you were able to find it. I can't wait for my granddaughter, Fern, to see it (her father is a writer and poet and named her after Charlotte's Web!)"
~ Ellinor H., Louisville, KY 

"Thanks for all your help. Highest regards."
~ Craig R.,  Nanuet, NY

"Thank you so much for sending the copies of "An Enchanted Journey". My family is very grateful to receive the books." 
~ Patricia W., Wynnewood, PA

"The mail just arrived and with it the 'Three Bears' -- I was so thrilled to get it and read the entire little story once again.  My copy is in much worse condition than the one you sent. Thank you so much for finding it for me!"
~ Myrna C., Albany, OR 

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